Chapter 02: Gorgeous

Her hand fits perfectly in mine.

So much that I notice it more than once pulling her out of Fyre. She falls in step right behind me, tightening her fingers around mine and pressing into my back with her face right up against my jacket as we maneuver through the crowd. Past the overflowing restaurant next to the club and through the casino, her hand stays formed to mine like it was meant to be there.

It has me anxious to know the other ways we’ll fit together.

“This way,” I say, squeezing her palm and tugging her toward the elevator. The further we get from the club, the more the crowds disperse. The shops that line the walkway towards the guest rooms have been shuttered for the night and the few people we breeze past are all headed toward the casino or the club I can still hear thumping behind us. The chaos of slot machines and the shouts from people crowded around tables slowly fades away behind us. By the time we turn a corner into the small waiting area around the elevators, we’re alone.

I hit the call button and glance up at the dim arrows that indicate which car has been called. The one directly next to us lights up and the number over the door tells me it’s coming from the 14th floor. It’ll take a moment for the doors to pull open, so I fill that time by sweeping the girl into my arms, pressing her into the wall, and lowering my lips to hers.

She tastes like candy.

It’s probably the gloss on her full pink lips, but somehow it feels natural. Right. Like she’s supposed to be this sweet. Her kiss is soft and warm, her lips like silk against mine. But there’s nothing soft or passive about the way she kisses me back. Her lips part without any hesitation when my tongue brushes against them, and she moans for it. Every time I pull away from her, even when it’s just to change my approach, she strains against my hands to get back to me. Her nails scrape over my scalp and down the back of my neck, sending shivers all the way to my cock.

Her fervor is contagious, and when she hooks a leg over the back of my thigh, and presses my erection harder against her, I forget for a moment that we aren’t in my room yet. A needy growl scrapes through my throat while I reach up to take a rough handful of her tits. She arches her back, grinding against my touch and groans into my mouth.

If the charged silence around us wasn’t interrupted by the high pitched ding announcing the arrival of the elevator right then; I’d have her panties on the floor.

The doors roll open, and a group of rowdy tourists pour out into the hallway. The girl pinned beneath me doesn’t push away. Instead, she reaches down for my hands resting on her hips, and drags them up to cover the sides of her face while snakes her tongue around mine.

“Oh shit! There’s people making out over there,” a voice echos down the hall.

“Well, don’t stare!”

“Why? They’re hot…”

That makes her freeze. She breaks our kiss and presses her lips together, but she keeps her forehead pressed against mine as she whispers, “we should get upstairs.”

I let out a frustrated huff, reach down for her hand, and pull her into the elevator behind me. After jamming my finger into the button to my floor, I reach down and pound the ‘door close’ button over and over again to block out the group of voyeurs we’ve left behind. Two girls hover beneath the exit sign, still staring at us. I turn to glare back at them, and the eyes on the girl to the left go wide with shock. 

“Holy shit, is that -?”

The doors close, blocking out the rest of the girl’s revelation, and I round on the beautiful creature tracing shiver-inducing lines up the back of my jacket with her fingertips. She’s looking up at me with eyes that could seduce a priest. Her lips are a little swollen from my kiss and it makes her hot in a dirty way that has my cock twitching with impatience. I move to her like I don’t have a choice, sweeping her up into my arms and back up against the wall. This time, she wraps both her legs all the way my around hips, then reaches up to pull my lips down to hers.

“Is it true, Xander?” she breathes between each demanding touch of my lips.

“Is what true?”

“That you fuck like a maniac?”

I let out a dark chuckle and grab her chin, licking at her mouth before sinking my teeth into her lip and tugging until she whimpers. “You’re about to find out.”  

She lets out a desperate whine and attacks my mouth again.

The floors pass too slowly for either one of us. My fingers dig into her dress, aching to tear it off of her. It’s thin, I could do it. I want to do it. She presses her body as tightly against me as she can and grinds her hips over my erection in search of friction. Everything I give her, she returns in spades. I tangle my hands in the hair at the nape of her neck to hold her against my lips, she yanks against my hair to pull away and starts kissing my neck. I push her back, pressing into her breastbone to keep her pinned to the elevator to gain the upper hand, then lose it again when she starts to suck my tongue.

I’m painfully hard by the time the elevator makes it to my floor, and so consumed by the urgent need to be inside this girl that I feel half insane.

I want to make her scream. I want to make her come so hard she’ll fucking sob. I want to ruin her, and then fuck her back together again.

I don’t even know how we make it to the room.

She stays wrapped around me, her lips moving between mine and whatever other parts of me she can reach as I carry her through the suite. We bump into the door but I’m too consumed to break away from her long enough to even open it. Her hands move blindly against the barrier until they find and twist the knob, and I nearly stumble inside.

“Are you ready for me, Gorgeous?” I hiss against her collarbone before dragging my tongue over it. She lets out a breathy laugh that mingles in an intoxicating way with her moan, then grabs my face and grazes my jaw with her teeth. 

“Are you ready for me?” Her eyes burn with a challenge the beast inside of me is only too eager to overcome.


There’s just enough light pouring in through the windows from The Strip for me to navigate to the bed. I loosen my grip on her ass and groan at the feel of her body sliding all the way down my front. Ideally, she’d fall down to her knees and start blowing me. I even reach up and place a hand on her shoulder, intent to see her all the way down. But the second her shoes press into the carpet, her fingers twist in the lapel of my jacket and she yanks. Hard. I don’t expect it and I lose my balance.

“Shit!” I fall on to the bed and when I flip back around, the gold in her eyes ignites into flames. She stares at me like a lioness moving in on her prey. This girl needs to be fucked, and the intensity in her eyes tells me she knows I’m the one who can give her what she so desperately needs.

I intend to prove her right.

My body is tight with the need I have for this girl, and you can see it in the way the tendons in my arms protrude when I reach up to pull her down on top of me. But she maneuvers out of my hold, then shakes her head and clicks her tongue, smiling back at me like she knows she has a secret that’ll blow my fucking mind.

Her body starts to move back and forth, like a wave rolling through the water. Her hips undulate from left to right and front to back in movement so seamless and alluring, I’m a little entranced. I watch, enraptured as she turns around and dips down at the waist so that her ass is only just a few inches from my face and I can see just a small tease of the small piece of black fabric covering her underneath. She pulls her fingertips up her legs and she moves to stand up straight again, then reaches for the zipper on the back of her dress.

I’ve never watched something fall so slowly, or been so engrossed by it. Centimeter by centimeter, she drags it down her back, peeking over her shoulder at the half-way point and flashing me the sexiest smile I think I’ve ever seen. The dress is too tight to fall, even once the zipper has reached its terminus, but that just means I get to watch her peel it off her body in the most tempting way possible.

Every inch of her skin is perfect, like smooth peachy silk I’m dying to feel against me. She isn’t wearing a bra, and her tits are heavy enough that I can see the shift in their weight once she’s pulled them from the dress, even from behind. Their mouthwatering lines curve like perfect c’s around the definition in her back and I have to curl my fingers into fists to keep myself from lunging for them. The dress falls further down her back, her hips still swaying back and forth, and my tongue starts to go dry.

I can’t help it, I can’t just watch anymore.

Reaching out, I wrap my fingers over the top of her dress and pull it down over her hips so that it falls into a pool around her shoes on the floor. The ass that looked so high and tight downstairs is actually better outside of her dress, framed in a g-string so tiny, it looks like something I could break by accident.

I take a handful and kneed her, pulling her apart to give her a taste of the stretch I’m about to put her through. When I start pulling her panties down her legs, she lets out a sexy moan that travels all the way down to my balls, then she turns and climbs into my lap.

Her tits are perfect. Round. Full. Punctuated with blush colored nipples hard enough to cut glass. She’s in great shape. A dancer, I think, once she starts grinding on my erection again and I can see just how much control she seems to have over her body. And how fucking good she looks while she’s doing it.

I wrap an arm around her back, pulling her closer to me so that she’s gyrating right over my cock while I lower my mouth to her breast. The taste of her skin makes me ravenous, and soon my hands are just as busy as my tongue. One rolling her free nipple between my fingers, the other strumming her clit.

It doesn’t take long for the small, shaky breaths bubbling out of her to transform into whiny sounds of desperation. They come louder, higher, and more frequent.

She’s getting close.

“Is this what you want, Gorgeous?” I mutter against her throat. “Should I make you come like this?”

“No.” She pants the words at me like she’s just finished a marathon, then turns those huntress eyes back on mine. “I can make myself come like this, I want you to fuck me, Xander. Now. Please.”

“You sure you don’t want to come first? I’ve got a big cock, you want to be very wet.”

Her hand moves down to mine, pulling my fingers away from her clit and moaning while she pushes them inside of her. “I already am.”

Just feeling her on my fingers unravels me a little. She’s hot, soaking wet, and perfectly tight.

It breaks the last of my restraint.

I yank her off my lap and let her fall onto the bed like a ragdoll. She rolls onto her back and pushes herself towards the headboard, her eyes begging me to follow her. I have a pack of condoms in the drawer in the bedside table, and I pull one out without ever looking away from her. This girl is absolutely fucking flawless. A dream. And part of me thinks she actually might be when I watch her reach down between her legs and start to play with herself while she watches me roll the condom down my dick.

I don’t need your help,” I growl, slapping her hand out of the way and pulling her legs open wider. My suspicions that she may be a dancer are all but confirmed when I feel how far I’m really able to open her. She’s flexible and that sends a whole new wave of fantasies flooding over me. I can feel her squirming as I lower my hips to hers and begin to brush the tip of my erection against her clit. When I start pushing into her, her back bows off the bed, pressing her tits against my chest.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!” she gasps.

Fuck is right. 

Her pussy grabs onto my cock like she’s filled with epoxy. My first feel of her pushes all the breath out of me, like I’ve been winded. Each inch I force into her feels so goddamn incredible, it makes my scalp tingle. She’s so fucking tight, I can feel her heartbeat inside her pussy. It pounds against my cock as she moves her hips, squirming against the uncomfortable intrusion. The moans that have driven me wild all night turn sharp when I bottom out inside of her, so I reach down between us and use the pad of my thumb on her clit until her body relaxes.

 “That’s it, Gorgeous.” I pull back, groaning when I push into her again. “So tight… so fucking good on my cock.”

So good. So good,” she breathes back at me. “Oh my god, you’re so big…”

I pull back carefully, directing every ounce of my self-control into fighting off the animalistic urge to fuck this woman’s goddamn brains out while I wait for her to adjust to me inside of her. Even just the slightest friction of her around me is heaven, and holding back from it feels so wrong, it’s like committing a sin.

Gorgeous?” I pant through clenched teeth, checking in on her again while I ease back inside. Her mouth drops open in a labored pant, but the intensity in her eyes burns even hotter than it did before.

“Fuck me, Xander,” she whispers. “I want you to rip me in two.”  

With the plea still dripping from her lips, I slam into her so violently the words break beneath her grunt. I unleash on her like an uncaged animal, and it seems to drive her wild. She screams for me. She begs me for more. And I give it to her. Over and over again, as hard as I can, until I knock the bed into the side table and the lamp goes crashing to the floor. The tinkling shatter of glass grounds me a little, pulls me back, and the fully feral sounds I was pulling out of her only seconds ago change into constant, lust-filled repetitions of my name. 

She fucks like it’s what she was made to do. There’s no embarrassment or shame. She’s not hesitant. She’s not coy. Her hips meet mine thrust for thrust, her hands rake down my back like she’s trying to flay me open. This woman needs to come, and she fucks like she’s going to take it from me no matter what I do.

I’m so fucking turned on, I’m not even myself anymore.

So. Fucking. Good.” I growl, punctuating each word with a punishing thrust. “Jesus, you feel incredible.”

“Ung—” she takes a deep breath, gasping a few times before she moans again. “I’m gonna… fuck, Xander. I’m about to… I’m about to….”

“Say it,” I demand. “Tell me what I’m doing to your pussy, Gorgeous. Tell me how fucking good that feels.”

Her mouth falls open and her nails dig into me. Her voice comes out in a strained whisper. “You’re gonna make me come!”

Good. What the fuck are you waiting for?” I lean down, pressing my lips to her ear so I can tell her every filthy thought that crosses my mind while I hammer into her. While my fingers torture her clit. It makes her tremble. Her eyes squeeze closed, her head drops back, her legs tighten around my hips… “That’s it, that’s it. Come on my cock.” Two more pumps. “Come on my fucking cock.”

“Oh my god, ahhhhh—” She screams when it hits her and holy shit. I actually see fucking stars. Her orgasm sends an intense shock through me that rocks me all the way to the core. The tension screwed up in her face releases all at once, and she’s suddenly more angelic than she’s been all night. More than I could have imagined. Her pussy grips me like she’ll never let go, sending pulse after pulse of unadulterated euphoria raging through my body until I lose my grip. Before I can stop it, before I can pull back, before I even know it’s about to happen, I’m coming.

I can feel it everywhere. It’s like being high. So good, it has to be unnatural. And it goes on forever.

She moans with satisfaction as she empties me and the sound has me shaking. I sit back on my knees, dazed and out of breath. She smiles up at me, looking relaxed, peaceful, and absolutely gorgeous.

“Do you have any idea how sexy you are?”

She hums. “You’re not so bad yourself, Sailor.”

I chuckle, then lean down and kiss her again. “There’s another bathroom in the other bedroom if you need it. I’ll be right back.”

She nods, so I get out of bed and drag myself across the room. It’s a surprise when I flip on the bathroom light and catch my first glimpse of the carnage she’s left all over my body. Angry red lines cave their way across my arms and sides. I twist and find them winding all the way down my back like treads in sand. Every single one of them makes me hot. Makes me want to turn around and do worse to her. I want to wake up tomorrow with the stinging reminder of just how good it felt being inside of her.

Because fuck did it feel good.

Too good.

I think I may have just stumbled upon a goddamn unicorn. She’s beautiful, and that body of hers is built for sin. She hides behind that sweet little smile, but now I know the words that come through it are filthy. She fucks like it’s her goddamn job, and she’s the leading expert in her field. I just lost it like a teenager three minutes into his first fuck, she made me lose it, and instead of being embarrassed about it, I just want to see if she can do it again. 

Preferably within the next few minutes. 

I tear away the condom and toss it into the trash, my mind swimming with new plans for how I intend to spend the rest of my time in Vegas. Another round tonight, then I’ll coax a blowjob out of her first thing in the morning. I’ll fuck her on the breakfast table, then surprise her with an invitation to tomorrow night’s show while she’s still high on her orgasm. She can spend the day shopping with my credit card while I tie up the loose ends with the network and prepare for the show. I’ll make her come with my hand on the elevator ride down to the ceremony, and it’ll put the perfect amount of blush in her cheeks when we walk the red carpet together.

She’ll be so dizzy with the excitement and the glamor of all the celebrity that she’ll be drooling for my cock by the time we get back to the room. And I’ll give it to her. I’ll give it to her until she can’t fucking walk anymore.

In fact, one weekend may not be enough. Pussy this good should be indulged in, and often. Maybe… maybe I’ll take her to London with me. Put stars in her eyes, show her the time of her life, fuck her in every depraved way I can think of… this girl could keep me occupied for weeks. 

With a self-satisfied smirk, I clean up, toss the condom in the wastebasket, and make my way back to bed. She isn’t waiting for me when I come back, so I dive back into the sheets and yank the box of condoms out of the drawer for easier access. The very fresh memories of her play through my head, amplified by her perfume on the pillow, and I pump my cock in my fist a few times while I relive it. While I plan what’s next. 

I’m hard again, ready for her, but she takes forever to come back. I give her five minutes before I climb out of bed and go searching for her. 

She isn’t in the sitting room, the other bedroom, or the bathroom. I peek back into my room, looking in the closet like I’ll find her hiding from me when I notice the dress I’d shucked off her is no longer on the floor next to the bed. 

“Gorgeous?” Pulling on a pair of shorts I yank from the dresser, I dash out of my suite and into the hallway.

It’s empty. 

There’s a ding down the hall from the elevators, and like an idiot who can’t calculate time, I hurry towards it. Of course, when I come around the corner, she’s nowhere to be found. Instead, it’s Dominick who stumbles out of the elevator, and there’s a leggy blonde wrapped around him.


They’re both clearly much more intoxicated than they were when I left them, and when Dominick’s eyes meet mine, he grins like a drunken idiot.

“Hey, Xander. There you are.”

Lana’s head snaps around and the color in her face drains when she sees me standing there. “Oh my god, Xander. This isn’t…”

I roll my eyes. “I don’t care.” 

“But, Xander…”

“Have a good night,” I call over my shoulder, turning back for my suite. The sound of the door closing behind me feels ominous, and I shuffle listlessly into the bedroom, unsure of what just happened or what I’m supposed to do next.

She didn’t leave me a note or a phone number. I don’t even have her name. I have nothing left of the girl who just turned my world upside down but the smell of her still lingering in my sheets.

Why the fuck did she run?